AIDA** FreediverThe AIDA ** is a natural progression of AIDA * or a good starting point for those with previous diving background or who feel at ease in the water. It covers the same topics as AIDA but more detailed and advanced. With more advanced techniques and performance, there are new risks and responsibilites the diver must know to be safe.


AIDA*** FreediverThe AIDA *** introduces more advanced concepts and techniques of especially deep diving. The students will come to learn what physiological and physical aspects allow or limit our diving performance. The students are encouraged to take more responsibility and increase their awareness of them selves and their dive buddy. They will learn how to train effectively and performance oriented and learn advanced drills and equalisation techniques.

AIDA**** (in Planung)

In addition to complementing and further enhancing the skills already learned at this level, is recommended for those who wish to become active participants in organizing or leading diving events and becoming instructors. Besides learning the most advanced techniques and theory, the students will learn how to plan and execute training sessions, coach and support others and how to act responsibly as a diver. Students will learn about fitness training for divers and nutrition, as well as very advanced depth diving and equalisation techniques and drills. After completing the course, students may act as assistants to an AIDA instructor.

AIDA Tauchlehrer (in Planung)

The AIDA Freedive Instructor Course is run by an AIDA Instructor Trainer and usually involves at least four days of training. You will need to have completed the AIDA ??, ??? and ???? courses (or an equivalent) and should have completed a course in First Aid and CPR within the last two years. You must be at least 18 years old and fit to freedive, as indicated by the AIDA Medical Statement your instructor will give you to complete.

On this course you will learn about the theory of teaching and get loads of practice at teaching freedivers in the classroom, pool and open water. You will learn about Risk Management, planning and running dive sessions and also get some business advice on how to market and price your courses. Your instructor trainer will make sure you have to deal with plenty of realistic scenarios so that you are ready for whatever your students might throw at you when you start teaching for real. The aim is that you leave this course fully prepared to teach, confident that you can teach well and enjoy it.

Instructors from other freedive agencies can crossover at this level, just by completing an AIDA Freedive Instructor Course. Please contact the AIDA Education Officer for more details.